Here is what clients have to say about the caregivers we refer:

To whom it may concern:

My husband David broke his neck almost three years ago. As a result, he was bound to a wheelchair and needed full assistance,(dressing, showering, etc). Into his life arrived Norma. She was fantastic -seeing to all his needs, lifting him (He was 6’1″ and weighed about 180 lbs!). In addition, she dressed David impeccably – he always looked so neat-hair combed, nails done, etc.

Norma is a lovely lady, soft spoken ,capable and loving and kind. She and David had a special bond and she carefully tended him all these years so faithfully. I cannot recommend someone more highly.


Dear Family,

I would like to recommend Janet Edwards as caregiver. She was our comfort and salvation in my father’s last years. Over the last decade, I have worked with many CNAs who have helped us in our parents’ and friends’ declining years. No one has been kinder, more competent, or reliable than Janet. My father could not take care of any of his activities of daily living. Remarkably, Janet was able to keep up his spirits and so respectful was she, that he never lost his sense of dignity. He was bedridden for months. His skin was perfect. Janet would say, “I want him to go out of this world the same way he came in.”

She made a perfect bed. She could transfer him so he never had a scratch or felt any discomfort even though she is very petite.

Janet read to my father. She sang with him. She laughed with him. She told him stories about his life, remembering everything I would say to him so she could soothe him with the same stories.

Janet is a master nurse. She had very high standards and demanded the same perfection and attention to detail as the caregivers who came before and after her. She took notes on every change and what he ate. She would explain to me each day what was the same what was different so together we could assess how he was and what he needed. She was so easy to work with. I always looked forward to seeing her and miss her greatly now that I am not seeing her every day.

Any family that has the privilege of Janet’s service will be very fortunate, indeed.


On December 16, 2016, I was unexpectedly rushed into Indian River Memorial Hospital. The hospital staff was very limited because it was so close to Christmas. I called Gayla Eastman, who owns Private Nursing Care and Pillar of Health, she immediately sent a wonderful woman named Sherry from her team of professional caregivers.

She stayed with me at the hospital and gave me assurance that I was safe and cared for. Sherry drove me home and assisted in all my needs, including bathing, walking, cooking, and light housekeeping. All the while allowing me to rest and recuperate at my own pace.

Without Gayla and Sherry's help I'm certain that my hospital stay and home recovery would have been a tremendous strain on George my husband, and certainly on myself.


Thanks so much for all your good care and support this past year. You’ve got a great group of caregivers and we really appreciated all the extra help that Mom needed.

Made my life a lot easier too!

Thanks again.


Dearest Patrick, Thank you for being such a powerful soul. You reached my Don immediately when he needed it most. And thank you for praying his soul into eternity where we will meet again.


Dear Gayla,

We have gathered in CT this weekend to honor Mom's beautiful life.

Thank you so much for your advice to us the last four years. Your insight and guidance were invaluable as we planned Mom's end of life care.

I found a letter Mom wrote to me when she was leaving Harbor Chase, She wrote: "I am looking forward to the last go-round with Gayla running the show!" What fun is that?!

I too with so much appreciation for making Mom's final days comfortable and with purpose. The family is grateful for the care from Private Nursing Care, in particular, Gayla Eastman, Anita Johnson and Amy Silberling.


I cannot say enough good things about Private Nursing Care, Inc. For over a year it has referred outstanding caregivers for my husband. I feel truly blessed that I chose this firm.

Dear Gayla,

We are back in Wisconsin, and it’s just starting to turn a bit green! We arrived here after two long flights, but we made it.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all the help you and your staff gave us during Jim’s recovery. The girls you referred to us to help were all excellent. They were very professional, and helpful, and really lovely to have around. We liked all of them, but especially Jules. She was so good with Jim, and he liked her (he doesn’t like everyone!) We are planning to be back in Vero the end of October Hope we will not need you but will recommend you highly.